The market name: botulinium toxins contain toxins, are produced in a chemical environment. With this toxin, the passage of nerves in the muscles is temporarily prevented and a restriction of movement is ensured. The nerve conduction reappears in about 4-6 months, which is why the effect disappears. Facial expressions and aging lines are different. Forehead and eye area are regions where we prefer botulinum toxin because the lines related to the use of mimetics are seen more intensely. The goal is to reduce muscle contraction and eliminate wrinkles in this area by applying botulinium toxin. If you have this procedure carried out regularly, the deepening and enlargement of the wrinkles will be reduced. Therefore, we prefer to start using it by looking at the depth of the line and not the age, especially the wrinkles formed with facial expressions.

Here, too, we can achieve a lifting effect with the filling application, e.g. B. raising the eyebrows and raising the corners of the mouth, which are inclined downwards. The idea that it gives an unnatural, artificial, non-gestural look is widespread. Unfortunately, this idea is based on the results that we see from the incorrect use of people who are not experts and who do not even have the authority to use an injection at all. With the right application and gentle touches, you can get rid of your wrinkles without compromising the natural look. You cannot see that something has been done to you, but you are told that you look better. You will not see any effect immediately after using it. The onset of the effect takes 1-3 days, depending on the ingredient used, the effect increases daily and lasts up to 15 days. Therefore, the check-up should be 15 days later. On the day of use, it is recommended not to be in very hot environments so that swelling does not occur.

Another use is the sweat treatment. After filling injections in areas such as armpits or palms where sweating is extreme, the sweating symptoms decrease rapidly. The sweat treatment with the filler should be repeated approximately every 6 months.

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